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Alex Avedano was born in Cordoba, Argentina, and although she travels there often, she has made Miami, Florida her home.

She is the President and Qualifying Broker for The Kellado Group, a company unlike any other in the market today. It is a company based on the belief of providing unsurpassed and comprehensive attention and service to the client. It is a company that believes in building strong, long-term relationships with its clients by offering the absolute best and most ethical experience within all the divisions of the company. Although involved in the Real Estate Industry, by providing General Real Estate services, both residential and commercial, and both nationally and internationally, The Kellado Group is much more than just a real estate company. Each division within the company provides a specific service which in turn complements and enhances the other divisions. It is a perfect circle which feeds on itself to provide synergies that enhance and elevate each division to levels of excellence.

Prior to heading The Kellado Group, Ms. Avedano’s extensive career led her through various areas of the Real Estate Industry where she gained hands on experience and industry insight that would shape her vision for The Kellado Group. She became very well rounded by her experiences and the skills she gained in each position by being on all sides of the industry: being an integral part of a corporate america giant, then working for a developer as Director of Sales and later as Director of Corporate Assets and Acquisitions, where she oversaw various aspects of the developer buildings from acquisition and/or construction to sales centers to legal matters to permits to homeowner associations; working within a high-end general real estate company selling luxury properties under the guidance of a renowned top-producer and therefore dealing directly with complex high-profile clients; and later leading, as Director of Operations, a real estate company that specialized in International Pre-Construction sales, requiring international expertise as well as exceptional leadership and organization skills.

Her career began in Corporate America with an internship at AT&T within the Wholesale Latin America and Caribbean division of the Telecommunications giant. She quickly excelled and shined as an up-and-coming star, being the youngest employee within the division. Upon graduating from college she was immediately offered a permanent position, and she quickly flourished and climbed the corporate latter at record speeds, winning various Top Sales Awards as well as accolades from various Directors and Vice-Presidents within the company. This reaction to Alex’s outstanding work ethic became a theme and bench-mark in every position she held after leaving AT&T, every supervisor, colleague, and customer she dealt with identified her as someone that stood out and someone that truly made a difference for the better of every position, company and work environment she participated in.

This early introduction to Corporate America exposed Alex to structure and research principles that provided her with the tools that would later differentiate her from others within the Real Estate industry. She also began to work with international clients and understood the importance of researching and understanding foreign countries to be able to sell most effectively to these clients.

A big believer in education, Alex holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Marketing from Florida International University as well as a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Florida. In addition, she is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker. Alex regularly participates in local and international market-trend and real estate industry conferences and various continuous education courses. -- “One never stops learning and evolving, and should always aim to continuously improve their skills and knowledge…” Alex Avedano.

Ms. Avedano has traveled throughout Europe and the Americas and enjoys an active lifestyle, especially living in spectacular South Florida, with its beaches and outdoor activities. She looks forward to traveling through Asia in the near future and always enjoys getting to know different cultures and its people.